Welcome to our FAQ

Here we hope to answer all of your frequently asked questions, providing comprehensive answers to key areas concerning shipping, custom orders, products, sustainability, warranties, refunds and exchanges.


Who Will My Order Be Shipped With

All of our orders are shipped with Australia post.

Will My Parcel Include Tracking

All orders are tracked with Australia Post's and include tracking.

Will My Parcel Be Insured, Can I Purchase Additional Insurance

Yes, your parcel is sent with tracking and complementary insurance up to the value of $100, to further insure your products simply add additional units of insurance to your cart. This option can be located within 'Giftware & Home decor' with further details provided.

When Will My Order Be Dispatched

Your order will be dispatched within 2 business days.

How Will My Order Be Protected During Transportation

All products are wrapped with an initial layer of plain packaging paper to prevent scratches and friction marks. All products are then wrapped with in new condition recycled bubble wrap packaging, significantly minimising the likelihood of products arriving dented or damaged during transportation.

What Happens If My Order Arrives Damaged

Your satisfaction is our priority, if you notice your products are damaged from transportation please contact us immediately so we can evaluate the extent of the damage and provide a partial / full refund, or product exchange.

Do You Offer International Shiping

Yes, we offer international shipping. Prior to placing your order please contact us via email so we can obtain a precise quote based on the package specifications.

Do You Offer Local Pickup

Yes, we offer local collection from our business location in Woonona 2517 NSW. To arrange local pickup and avoid paying for postage please select the 'local pickup' option when checking out. Please contact us by email to arrange a suitable time for collection.

Custom Orders

Do You Accept Custom Orders

Yes, we accept custom orders. We have the machinery, equipment, and expertise to produce just about any piece of furniture, giftware or home decor to your specifications with your desired timbers and design elements.

How Do I Place A Custom Order

To place a custom order please contact us via Email so we can discuss your ideas, timbers and specifications. We will work with you to evaluate potential designs, features, functional elements and develop impactful solutions to that exceed your requirements.

We commence by discussing the piece in general, its length, width, depth and heigh to determine the size and scale of the piece.

We then complete a variety of computer designs, gathering ideas from each to formulate a final, detailed to scale rendering.

Once you are satisfied with the design we will assist you to evaluate the suitability of a range of timbers based on the location of the piece, current availability, strength, density, aesthetic appeal and workability to determine the most applicable options.

A quote will be provided influenced by the timbers selected and the size / complexity of the piece. All quotes are negotiable and can be increased or decreased by modifying the complexity of the design and timber selection.

Can I Place A Custom Order If I Am Interstate Or International

Yes, we do not require in person consultations to produce a custom piece. Prior to placing your order we will obtain a quote for interstate transportation or international shipping to ensure that you are happy to proceed with the order.

Where Can I View Your Previous Custom Orders

Click on 'Gallery' in the menu bar to view our previous work. To view the entire image or additional details click on the 'further details' button.

What Is The Required Deposit

We require a 20% deposit of the quoted amount to commence working on your custom order.

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Custom Order

The length of custom orders is determined by the availability of selected materials, the detail / design and the size and scale of the piece.

How Frequently Will I Be Updated On The Progress Of My Custom Order

Weekly production updates are provided through photos and videos to all customers.

Limitations Of Custom Orders

We have the capacity to produce the vast majority of custom orders, however we have a few limitations.

Bowls - Max diameter 370mm *we can turn larger however it depends on the piece.

Pieces we don't produce - Any timber windows or sliding doors.

Max flat / level floor area for non disassemble pieces - 2.5m x 3m


How Do I Clean Products That Interact With Food (chopping boards, serving boards / trays, bowls, ect)

To clean products that make contact with food, utilise a damp cloth to wipe over the surfaces, immediately wipe off any excess water using a dry cloth. Place them in an open space (on a bench) out of direct sun to fully dry before placing them away for storage.

Do not leave any excess water on the surface, this can increase the moisture content within the timber resulting in wood movement in the from of warps or twists.

Similarly Do not place any timber items in a dishwasher, whilst we utilise waterproof adhesives, the prolonged exposure to hot water, steam and heat will compromise the glue potentially resulting in cracks, delamination and wood movement.

Do not submerge any items in water, this can cause spikes in the timbers moisture content causing wood movement.

Once rinsed place your product in a cool, dry, shaded area, do not place your item in direct sun, this can cause the piece to dry at an excessive rate potentially resulting in splits or cracks.

Will Fluctuations In Ambient Moisture Impact My Product

Yes, wood is a natural resource. Whilst out timber is dried to its equilibrium moisture content, EMC, fluctuations in ambient moisture can result in the expansion and contraction of timber. In Australia ambient moisture reaches it's highest in August causing the timber to reach it's maximum expansion, vice versa the timber contracts the most during summer as ambient moisture reduces. Natural fluctuations in ambient moisture will not impact the functionality of standalone products e.g. chopping boards, serving trays, bowls ect, however furniture with drawers and doors should be monitored to ensure components don’t bind during winter months.

Can Prolonged Exposure To Sun Discolour My Product

Yes, some species of timber are susceptible to discolouration from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. We advise that all products are not exposed to the sun for extended periods to minimise the likelihood of this occurrence. Similarly, prolonged exposure to heat may cause wood movement resulting in the warping or twisting of boards and possible cracking.

This does not mean that you can't use your timber products outside. For instance, if a serving tray is covered with food it's surface area is not directly exposed to the sun. To avoid any undesirable wood movement, we advise that you don’t leave any bare products (those with no food on them) outside in direct sunlight for longer then 30 minutes.

Can Prolonged Exposure To Heat Or Water Damage My Product.

Yes, excessive exposure to water or heat will cause fluctuations in the timbers equilibrium moisture content, EMC, resulting in the expansion or contraction of the product. We advise that you lightly rinse or use a damp cloth to clean any products that have contacted food, removing any excess water with a dry cloth. We advise that you don't expose bare products (e.g. a serving tray with no food covering it's surface) to sun for longer than 30 minutes. Extended exposure (e.g. a whole day) to the sun or direct heat will reduce the moisture content within the timber potentially causing the piece to warp, cup, bow, twist or crack.

What Finish Do You Use, Is It Food Safe

Yes, we finish all of our products, regardless if it interacts with food or not with Livos Kunos counter top oil #243 which is a certified food safe oil. You can find further details regarding this finish on their website @Livos Australia.

My Product Has Knife Marks In It From Use, Can You Refinish My Chopping Board / Serving Board / Tray

Yes, we are able to re drum sand your chopping board, serving board or other products to remove the knife marks refreshing the product to it's original new condition. The piece will also receive a new coat of food safe Kunos countertop oil #243 produced by Livos Australia. Please send us an Email so we can provide you with an accurate quote based on the dimensions of the piece.

Why Am I Able To Order Multiple Of The Same Product, Aren’t They All Unique and Individual?

Yes, each product is unique and individually handmade. Popular products have standardised designs where we utilise the exact same species of timbers, cut to the same dimension and arranged in the same pattern. Please note that there may slight disparity’s between the product you receive and the product on the image, each piece of timber is unique with it's individual grain pattern and colour. We do our best to ensure that the product you receive matches the image displayed as closely as possible.


Do You Use Recovered And Recycled Timber

Yes, we primarily utilise recovered timbers to produce our products which we define as 'newly sourced timber offcuts with no nail / screw holes or defects, they are brand new pieces of timber that are not dimensionally suitable for large companies. On occasion we utilise recycled timbers highlighting the natural defects and the nail / screw holes. On occasion we also utilise FSC newly sourced timbers from suppliers, dealers and merchants to produce products which we are unable to be produced from recovered or recycled timber.

Where Do You Source Your Timber

We source our timber from an array of sources including those detailed below.

  • Offcuts from large furniture manufacturers and joinery's 
  • Offcuts from educational institutions 
  • Offcuts from local sawmills 
  • Logs from arborists 
  • Deceased estates 
  • Cessation of joineries 
  • Domestic and foreign timber suppliers, dealers, and merchants

Is Your Packaging Sustainable

Yes. We utilise in new condition paper and bubble wrap packaging sourced from distribution firms, ensuring your products are protected during transportation whilst eliminating our consumption of newly sourced non recyclable packaging decreasing our environmental impact.

What Do You Do With Your Offcuts And Sawdust

Offcuts that are suitable for reuse are reused to create new pieces of giftware and home decor. Those which are too small for reuse are consumed as firewood for internal heating. Sawdust is added to compost and on occasion is utilised as garden mulch assisting to store carbon.

Where Do You Source Your Energy

Our electricity consumption is fulfilled by the energy generated through our solar panels reducing our dependence on energy sourced from the grid.

Warranties, Refunds, Exchanges

What Happens If My Product Breaks

Your satisfaction is our top priority, Email us immediately if your product breaks regardless of the situation. We request that you send through clear photos of the broken section along with a detailed description of your previous interactions with the product, how long you have had it, the number of times have you used it, what environmental factors has it been exposed to ect. This will allow us to determine the probable cause, whether the timber had a natural defect, a manufacturing flaw or incorrect usage. Depending on the probable cause a partial or full refund or a product exchange may be provided on a case by case basis.

I Am Not Satisfied With The Design, Dimensions, Or The Functionality Of The Product, Do You Offer Exchanges Or Refunds?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with the products design, dimensions or functionality upon personally viewing it, then we are happy to provide a refund or exchange on the premises it has been unused and undamaged. You will be required to post or personally return the product to our location in Woonona 2517 NSW where we will inspect the piece for any damage. We are happy to provide a full refund of the products purchase price however we will not refund any shipping / transportation costs incurred by you, including the cost of shipping your order to you or returning your order to us. If you would like to exchange the product for a different piece you will be required to return the product to us and pay for the shipping costs to deliver a new product.

What Happens If My Product Arrives Damaged

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. In the unlikely chance that your products arrive damaged we may offer a refund or exchange. Upon noticing the damage it’s imperative that you Email us with clear photos or videos of the damage so we can evaluate it's extent. If the products functionality is not impaired we will offer a refund proportional to the products value and the extent of the damage incurred. If the products functionality is impaired and we are able to repair the product we will request that you please return the product to us (we will pay for the shipping) so we can repair or replace the product. If you are no longer interested in the product and would not wish to receive a replacement, repair or exchange we will refund the value of the products purchase price.