Sustainability is paramount in the 21st century as we all strive to reverse the negative environmental impacts derived from consumerism.

Sean's Unique Woodworking is fundamentally committed to addressing sustainability through structural reforms to resource and waste management, striving to minimise the industry’s and our own externalities that arise from production.

    How We Achieve Environmental Sustainability 

    Sourcing Of Resources

    We source recovered timber offcuts from large timber manufacturing companies. These offcuts are shorter lengths of newly sourced timber with no prior use, presenting with no timber defects or nail / screw holes, they are simply not dimensionally sufficient or suitable for reuse by these firms. These pieces are usually discarded, however we have the ability to collect and integrate these shorter lengths into our pieces.

    Timber Selection

    Our giftware and home decor are produced from at least 85% recovered or recycled timbers reducing our consumption of newly sourced logged timbers.

    Energy Consumption

    The energy consumption of our equipment and machinery is primarily serviced by solar, reducing our reliance on energy sourced from the grid minimising our environmental footprint.


    To prevent scratches and dents during transportation our products are wrapped in clean recycled paper and bubble wrap packaging. We collect this byproduct from distribution firms who discard this waste, reutilising it to protect our products during transportation.

    Waste Management

    Offcuts that are too small for re use are consumed as firewood, providing internal heating during winter. All shavings and sawdust are blended with compost and on occasion are utilised as garden mulch, assisting to store carbon within the soil.