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Here we showcase previously retailed pieces, sold through our website, social media and market stalls. Please utilise the images and accompanying information to gauge inspiration for your own custom piece of bespoke fine furniture, giftware or home decor. For further details regarding a specific piece please click on the links provided. 


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 Why choose Us


We strive to deliver innovative solutions that exceed your expectations evident in our extensive record of servicing individual, corporate and interstate clients.

Small Business

Your support towards Sean's Unique Woodworking plays a critical contributing role in enabling our long term expansion towards becoming an industry leader.


We predominantly produce our bespoke furniture, giftware and home decor from recovered and recycled timbers, minimising our consumption of newly sourced resources positively contributing to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future for all generations.


Each piece is carefully designed and created incorporating detail and techniques to unite functionality with design. Each piece is individualistic and unique designed to present as a statement piece, inviting wow factor into your environment.