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Krenov Inspired Cabinet

Krenov Inspired Cabinet

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Embellish your spaces and create a defiant focal point within your environment with this multifunctional, bespoke, Krenov inspired cabinet. Featuring four adjustable glass shelves, seven piston fit drawers, and two 180 degree doors, this piece offers multipurpose storage and display solutions for your collectibles, family heirlooms, ornaments and valuables. This multifunctional piece simultaneously unites functionality and detail through design, reverberating opulence and sophistication, establishing a bold cohesive statement piece within any environment.


  • Bespoke, this is an original, hand designed, engineered and crafted piece of fine furniture, incorporating the design elements of renowned industry leaders to birth a new to market piece.
  • Customisable, the four adjustable glass shelves allow for enhanced customisation and display of collectables, family heirlooms, ornaments, photos and sculptures.
  • Multifunctional, suitable as a bedroom, dining, display, hallway and living room cabinet. 
  • Concealed hinges enable the doors to open a full 180 degrees displaying the figured doors and the contents housed within the cabinet.
  • Drawer construction facilitates the substitution of drawer bases to install customised patterns and designs, enhancing environmental cohesion.
  • Finished with three coats of certified food safe Kunos oil. 
  • Hand cut and stitched three dimensional, tessellating, veneer marquetry highlights the contents inside, whilst reverberating detail and design throughout.
  • Inlaid, curved, convex door and drawer pulls enable the smooth operation of the piston fit doors and drawers whilst mimicking the curved legs and rails.
  • Quater curves on the main frame rails give the impression that the cabinet is 'floating' on the frame.
  • Sanded entirely to 320 grit whilst all edges are lightly softned retaining their crisp appeal.
  • Seven drawers provide substantial storage for collectables, A4 documents,  family heirlooms, jewellery, personal items and photos. 
  • The carcase is secured to the frame with four threaded inserts and is easily detached from the frame, allowing for lightweight transportation.
  • The drawers, doors and backer board are removable allowing for easy transportation. 

Traditional Joinery:

  • All components are book matched ensuring colour, design, grain consistency and cohesion.
  • Curved bent laminated top and bottom rails feature three consecutively laminated strips of American Rock Maple ensuring colour and grain consistency. 
  • Drawers feature entirely intricate hand cut half blind and through dovetail joints.
  • Drawers feature no drawer slides and are precisely custom piston fit to their respective carcasses.
  • Legs are consecutively machined out of the same board ensuring colour consistency.
  • Machined, through carcase dovetails ensure rigidity and aesthetic cohesion with other elements on the piece.
  • Through, wedged, haunched mortice and tenon joinery ensures rigidity whilst embellishing the door stiles in contrasting details. 
  • Through, wedged, mortice and tenon joinery firmly secures the main frame rails to their accompanying rails whilst enhancing the piece with contrasting elements.


  • Total Height: 2000mm
  • Total Width: 1070mm
  • Total Depth: 500mm
  • Internal Cabinet Height: 810mm
  • Internal Cabinet Width: 810mm
  • Internal Cabinet Depth (with doors closed): 475mm

Large Internal Drawer Dimensions:

  • Length: 425mm
  • Width: 220mm
  • Depth: 87mm

Medium Internal Drawer Dimensions:

  • Length: 425mm
  • Width: 190mm
  • Depth: 40mm

Small Internal Drawer Dimensions:

  • Length: 425mm
  • Width: 115mm
  • Depth: 40mm


  • American Black Walnut, American Birds Eye Maple, American Quilted Maple, American Rock Maple, Jarrah.

Note: Please contact us prior to purchasing this piece so we can offer an in person inspection or video tour of the cabinet. Particular elements are customisable and we are happy to negotiate reasonable offers. To submit an offer please email

Video of the cabinet in operation:

Video of the cabinets production:

Disclaimer: We intend to accurately convey the appearance, characteristics, and functionality of each piece. Our lighting may unintentionally enhance the appearance of particular timbers, please account for this when viewing a piece within your environment.

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